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Comet CAA-500 Mark II

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Comet Original CAA-500 MARK II Standing Wave Analyzer 1.8-500MHz SWR & Impedance Simultaneously

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The NEW CAA-500MARKII SWR/Impedance Analyzer is finally arriving from the Comet factory!
The new analyzer retains the same analog cross needles to display SWR and impedance, but ADDS a full color TFT LCD display screen providing graphic and numerical SWR along with total impedance with R and X values.
Automatically graphs the SWR on the LCD display.   Choose any one of the pre-set amateur band frequency ranges and press the sweep button…in about 30 seconds the SWR graph is completed and displayed.
Choose the band and manually set the band-width and manually sweep the chosen frequency range.
Should you want to make an adjustment to the antenna length, to the position, height above ground, a gamma match adjustment, etc…you can overlay 5 manual sweep results in different colors!  Instantly graph and see exactly what happened after each adjustment!
Range: 1.8 – 500MHz (including 222MHz band)

    RF output level:  0dBm 1 mW
    Measured SWR Range:  Analog meter 1.0 – 6.0:1 , LCD display 1.0 – 9.9:1
    Impedance measurements: 12.5-300 ohms
    Reactance range:  0 – 500 Ohms (absolute value) 1.8 -190MHz
    Battery indicator and selectable Auto-Power-Off timer
    Operates up to 9 hours continuous using six AA Alkaline or NiMH cells (not included) or use an external 8-16VDC 200ma power source (DC cable included)
    Internal trickle charger option when using NiMH batteries
    Size: 3.5 x 7.75 x 2.65 inches (overall)
    Weight: 2lbs 2oz with alkaline batteries installed
    Available from all major Ham Radio Dealers in the US.

Specifications subject to change without notice