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Yaesu FTDX-3000

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Penerimaan cakupan umum tersedia dari 30 kHz hingga 56 MHz. Daya dapat disesuaikan 5 hingga 100 watt untuk amatir 160 hingga 6 meter. Layar resolusi tinggi penuh warna 4.3-in built-in TFT lebar memberikan pengoperasian yang unggul dan visibilitas untuk pengguna FTDX3000.

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The Yaesu FTDX3000 transceiver provides ultimate weak signal receiver performance in crowded, strong signal environments. General coverage receive is available from 30 kHz to 56 MHz. Power is adjustable 5 to 100 watts for the amateur bands from 160 to 6 meters. A built-in 4.3-in TFT wide full color high resolution display provides superior operability and visibility for the FTDX3000 user. A High Speed Spectrum scope located just below the LCD display gives the operator all the information needed to place them at the right place on the band with the right receiver set-up to have a satisfying experience with a casual QSO chat or while digging out a rare desired weak signal contact. Other refinements include: USB interface, 9 MHz IF output, RX-only antenna input, RTTY/PSK encoder/decoder, high speed antenna tuner and a specialized 50 MHz amplifier.